Hayley (blasphemusfish) wrote in invertebrates,

Dr Gregory House M.D

The cucumber is obviously lying.

Hurr I love this snaily and I've had it since it was a hatchling. House was a freak single baby, thought I'd frozen all the eggs from the parents, one day s/he pops up. The parents have both gone in the two years I've had House, they were around 5 years old when I was given them and had been children's pets, and sadly not very well looked after at all, one had the tip of it's shell broken off, deformities from lack of calcium source etc, sosad :c. The mum wanted to let them go in the woods AHH. I'd rather they stayed legal here plz.
S/He's being upgraded into a 2 1/2 foot tank when it's warmer, the lucky beast. :D
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