The Urban Pantheist (urbpan) wrote in invertebrates,
The Urban Pantheist

Marine organisms

I seem to remember someone posting pics of nudibranchs on this community a few months ago. Today I saw my first one ever in real life! Does anyone know what this little guy is?

This sea worm was an active creature.

I suspect this mushroom-like creature is probably some kind ofphotosynthesizing organism, not an animal.
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I am PRETTY sure the first is a Sea Hare... not a Nudibranch(I am pretty sure). But close! I have no clue of the species.

The second is a predatory worm of some type

And the third is a kind of Algae! (I am pretty sure it has been a year since I took the algae class but I remember radial discs on stalks describing one of the families :p)


Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Thanks for your help! Even though it's not a nudibranch, it's still exciting and brand new to me. :) I have some insect shots to post later, and I'll keep my eyes open for more spineless wonders!
The alga is Acetabularia and are most awesome. IIRC, they consist of two cells. One forming the stalk, the other the umbrella.

and the sea slug is the sea hare Aplysia or one of it's close relatives. Most awesome molluscs, especially when they're doing the Conga Line of Sex
Brilliant! Thanks so much. It seems likely that the sea hare is A. dactylomela. The alga is amazing! I'll have to try to find more creatures while I'm down here. I love visiting a new climate/ecosystem.
no worries - did you post this in your usual blog?
Not yet, still in the Caribbean. I want to organize the pictures from the week into themes. I've been restricting myself to facebook for now.