do thay eat pizzi (tsunami_ryuu) wrote in invertebrates,
do thay eat pizzi

Mystery spider, unwanted houseguest?

Hey, invert folks, I need some arachnid ID help.

Looks like I've got company next to the computer desk - there's a small, stringy web (no clear structure) near where the base of a cabinet meets the wall. A few dead pillbugs/woodlice/rolly-pollies have been dangling in it for days, but tonight was the first night I saw the web's builder.

Semi-dorsal shot.

Ventral shot.

The body shape screams "BLACK WIDOW AAAGHGDKJGD" to me. But the colors aren't right for the classic black widow. Alternate candidates: Northern Black Widow (Latrodectus variolus), Brown Widow (Latrodectus geometricus). But the markings don't seem quite right. What else might it be?

Oh yeah, location is Washington, DC, USA.

In addition to mama spider, little baby brown spiderlings keep finding their way onto the desk and/or dropping down from the ceiling onto me, and I'd like to know if her hellspawn are something to be concerned about or not.

Do I need to evict her and gas the area with Raid to dispose of all her spawn? Catch her in a bottle and sell her to an invert fancier? Or is she a species I don't need to worry about? I don't really mind a few spiders down by the computer because they help keep down the transient bug population (it's in the basement area), but I don't want something that might give me a nasty bite.

She's feasting on that isopod as I type this.

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